CS Tool Dongle With S Module Activated

CS Tool Dongle With S Module Activated

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Product Description

Added SPD 7730/31 Direct virus removal/app manager, Flash Engine and many other features.

Added Support for SPD 7730 and SPD 7731.

  • Direct Reset user locks for SPD7730/31 – World’s First
    • Reset user lock, pin lock, phone lock, security lock, voice lock, face lock (all with user data safe)
  • Direct Reset of File system for SPD7730/31 – World’s First
    • Reset user locks, pattern lock , phone lock , pin lock, security lock, voice lock, reset Gmail account (all with user data safe)
  • Direct Reset Gmail Account for SPD 7730/31 – World’s First
    • Direct reset Gmail account (with user data safe)

For stated above operations:

  • ADB NOT Required
  • USB Debugging NOT Required
  • Root NOT Required
  • Flash engine enabled for SC7730/31 CST file extension
  • Read / Write Full Flash
    • Read Full Flash will Read full eMMC, including all user data inside the phone
      (operation will complete in approximately 20-30 minutes for 4GB)
    • Read Compact Flash [0] Skip User Data Option, this will not read user data from Phone.
      This option will read important data only from the phone
      (operation will complete in approximately 12-15 minutes)
  • Real / Unique Direct Virus removal / APP manager – World’s First
    • Supported CPU SC7730/31 (support for other CPUs coming soon)
      • Uninstall known and unknown viruses from the list
      • Direct Easy Mode (for example, “Uninstall” from Phone menu Settings/App)
      • Work with Flash/Boot Mode
      • Listed & known APPs with viruses database added (preDBList)
      • Support user pre-defined virus DB list (user can manually add new virus to DB list)
      • Software automatically detects and removes known viruses/demons/shell scripts

For stated above operation:

  • ADB NOT Required
  • USB Debugging NOT Required
  • Root NOT Required

Please note:

  • Do not uninstall or remove System APP (result will be - phone struck on logo)
  • Always backup (Read Flash), if you cannot find Factory Firmware of the target phone
  • Do Format procedure, if device is working slow

Important: Do not read data from the phone to local system and then edit it in local system and then write data back to the phone’s Flash. Use direct mode instead!

  • Added show HW information of eMMC/CPU – World’s First
    • Show eMMC ID
    • Show processor ID
    • Show eMMC Size
    • Show eMMC Name
  • Added Support for SC9830 on 4G-based platform
    • Read info (Flash Mode)
    • Format phone (Flash Mode)
    • Repair IMEI (Flash Mode)
    • Read pattern lock (Flash Mode)
    • Read phone book (Flash Mode)
    • Read SMS logs (Flash Mode)
    • Read Call history (Flash Mode)

CS-Tool Dongle - Package Content: *

  • CS-Tool Dongle - 1 pc.

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