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INR 19,500

UFi Box - Features:Repair EMMCResize EMMCFormat EMMCWrite full data, fully eraseRead boot1Read boot2Read EXT CSDRead User DataUpdate firmwareWork via test pointUFi Box - Advantages:Has its own software, box works stand-aloneDisplay information which is easily understood by the user or newbie. Easy to use, one-click operations, no need to configureD..

INR 5,500

UFI Dongle can be used with UFI Android ToolBox software; no additional activation is required.Ultra low cost, many features, use the same software, which is used by UFIBOX.Restore bricked Android Intel devices (ASUS, Lenovo, etc.)Restore bricked Android Qualcomm devices (HSUSB 9008)Repair IMEI for Android Intel and Qualcomm (and other platfor..

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